Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q) Can anybody join LYUK?
    A) Yes. From complete beginners to some of the world’s leading laughter experts, LYUK is an all inclusive organisation for happiness, health and wellbeing.
  2. Q) Can non-UK residents join?
    A) Yes! Non-UK residents are most welcome to join and will receive many of the same benefits as our UK members. Bienvenue; Willkommen; Bienvenido; Bem vinda; Benvenuto; Witamy; Valkommen; Velkommen; Velkomst; Dobrodosli; Vitejte; Welkom; Tervetuloa; Tulemast; Gaidits; Laukiamas; Merhba; Bine ati venit; Vitajte.
  3. Q) Can I use the website to look up laughter clubs and training or do I have to join to do that?
    A) The website is absolutely free to use because we want as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits.
  4. Q) Can I advertise my Laughter Club?
    A) Yes, of course. Members who are qualified and insured to run workshops can advertise their UK Laughter Clubs completely free of charge. Please join LYUK as a ‘Professional’ member.
  5. Q) Can I advertise my training courses?
    A) Yes. To ensure the highest quality and standards we only promote approved training courses provided by certified and insured ‘Professional Members’. Please join LYUK as a ‘Professional Member’.
  6. Q) I have done other training. Is LYUK for me?
    A) Absolutely! Laughter is the best medicine and there are many different methods to achieving this such as Natural Laughter Skills, Laughter Coaching, Laughter Therapy, Laughter Facilitation and Therapeutic Clowning for example and they all add a tremendous variety of love and light to our community. Everyone with a good heart is welcome to join LYUK. We are an all-inclusive membership organisation for happiness, health and wellbeing. Join here.
  7. Q) How many training courses can I advertise as a ‘Professional Member’?
    A) As a ‘Professional Member’ you can advertise up to four training courses per year, completely free of charge. Advertising rates apply for individuals or businesses that want to advertise more than four courses per year.

  8. Q) Can I become a ‘Professional Member’?
    A) Yes, but to advertise your UK laughter club or approved training courses you will need to provide us with evidence that you are properly qualified and insured to do so.
  9. Q) What is the ‘Professional Member Alert Service’?
    A) We share all our professional enquiries and opportunities in the ‘LYUK Members’ facebook group. Professional Members can then request more information and respond, or not, as appropriate. 
  10. Q) How do I become a ‘Professional Member’?
    A) To become a ‘Professional Member’ you will need to pay your membership fee, complete the application and send a copy of your qualification to info@lyuk.org.uk. We are unable to complete your membership application until your details have been validated.
  11. Q) Who is LYUK?
    A) As a professional representative body, LYUK is operated by the members, for the members. Our structure of governance includes: the members themselves; our Honorary President; an Advisory Board; a Board of Directors; Regional Teams and a Membership Services Manager.
  12. Q) What is the legal structure of LYUK?
    A) LYUK is a not-for-profit membership organisation founded and operated by Laughter Time.
  13. Q) What is the Advisory Board?
    ) The Advisory Board is a small group of members who volunteer their time, skills and experience in helping LYUK to achieve its aims in a way that is for the benefit of all concerned.
  14. Q) Can I join the Advisory Board?
    A) Yes, of course! Please do apply if you have the passion, skills and experience to help us steer LYUK towards a bright and sustainable future. Advisory Board positions are completely voluntary and we ask for a commitment of 6-12 months. If no vacancies are currently available then your details will be entered onto a reserve list. Please contact us to join the Advisory Board.
  15. Q) Are there any membership rules?
    A) We like to keep things nice and simple and only have one rule for everyone: “Be nice or leave”. LYUK reserves the right to suspend any member in breach of this rule or our Code of Conduct.
  16. Q) What is the Code of Conduct?
    We believe in the fundamental good nature of people and choose not to have a load of complex, legally binding conditions. Instead we ask you to uphold and improve the good reputation of Laughter Yoga and LYUK.
  17. Q) What should I do if I have more questions?
    A) Read more about LYUK, email your questions to info@lyuk.org or contact us for more information.